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Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn Ooops, I did it again…I couldn’t wait until Wait for You was released. I was so happy it released early. I was all fangirl and then two things happened: 1) I got my hopes up and expected too much and 2) I expected more steam since this book was published under the pen name J.Lynn. Now, the first is a mistake I, unfortunately, make often but the second was just dumb considering I’ve never read a J.Lynn book but really enjoy the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. With that being said, she has turned me all fancougar for Deamon and writes good angst, steam and swooning. Therefore, I expected it to be much more in Wait for You.Um, it wasn’t there. Yes, you read that correct. So, overall I thought the story was okay but I had been overall disappointed. I can’t really say much about the book because nothing was really notable or stood out to me. Cam was swoon worthy, of course, but I almost felt that he was too perfect, too patient, and too flawless when it came to Avery. Now, Avery, she’s another story. She got on my nerves. After Thanksgiving I wanted to punch her in the face and then parts of her character just fell flat for me. I didn’t understand why Cam was even attracted to her. I also found it irritating how she was in obvious need of help in the form of counseling, was upset her parents didn’t get it for her, but then when the opportunity came for her to help herself, she didn’t do it. She did nothing but have a big ol’ pity party about her past. When I read the ending, I was finally proud of her but it just took too long. Just like the sex. By the time they finally did the deed, I was like “it’s about freaking time!” and almost uninterested.. Oh, but Raphael, he was one of my favorite characters. I liked him way more than Avery. Yes, I’m aware that it was Cam’s pet turtle but still every scene with him involved had me smiling and wishing he’d make another appearance.I think I would have enjoyed this book had I been going into it as a YA read published by Jenny, not J.Lynn. There will be another book by the lame setup at the end. Will I read it? Probably. I still like Ms. Armentrout but I will know what not to expect next time around.
True Love Story - Willow Aster I'm almost scared to type a review for this book right now. It is like I put haterade in my coffee this morning.Am I think only one who knew exactly WTF was going to happen after the first chapter with the "Where's Laila?" question? I'm so tired of all these New Adult books using a love triangle/cheating for the conflicts. What is original about that? Pray tell.Okay, so everyone was so gorgeous and perfect in this book. I almost felt inadequate at 5'3'' and normal just reading it on my couch.I liked Tessa. Thank goodness she had Jared early on in NYC, since Sparrow arrived D.O.A (Dud on arrival).Are elephant socks a real thing or just socks with elephants on them?Ian, you're a bastard with a thesaurus brain for complimenting female appearances.Sparrow, sweet Jesus, I do not think that you could actually write a good book. Get a grip on reality.I think I could rant-on but I'm going to stop. If you read the book, you'll know why. Well, maybe not. I seem to be the minority.Oh, but I did really like the nickname Little Bird. So, one star for the endearing term. Though, I think you might have ripped off Ed Sheeran.


Requiem - I'm not sure what to say. Was this the final installment in the Delirium saga? What exactly the point of Requiem and the duel POVs? What was resolved? Overall, disappointed. After sleeping on it, the above statement still stands though I dropped a star. Why? Well, I had to muddle through the whole book and do not feel like it was even related to the other two installments. Honestly, I'm not sure the point of the book. I have more questions than answers and they aren't even nitpicking questions. I want to know WTF happened to Alex. He was swoonable in Delirium and then absent in Pandemonium. Therefore, I couldn't wait to get all fangirl during Requiem. But no, he was barely in the book and when he was, he wasn't even swoon worthy. In fact, I thought Lena and Alex were very immature about their relationship. Where was the love? Ummm, like two sentences two pages from the end. Epic Fail.Lena. Well, if you expect the Lena who matured and grew into a confident girl in the Wilds, she barely made an appearance here. She is immature and I wanted to throttle and slap her more than once. OMG, you stupid girl, Alex is hurt and says something to hurt you and you immediately run into the arms of Julian and then string him along to comfort you because Alex isn't there. Or to make him jealous. Not cool. Opposite of cool. Pretty much pathetic. Poor Julian.Julian. Open your eyes. Grow a pair.Hana, please STFU. I'm not sure why I even cared about your wedding and life. Oh wait, I didn't. was the meeting with Lena supposed to be the climax? I'm not sure but it was dumb. Thanks for not blowing her up, Lena, I think. Hopefully you took out Fred though. I really don't want to read anymore of him. Ever.So, well, that's about it for me. I wish I could praise Requiem. I really do. I wanted too but overall anti-climactic and disappointing.
Hana - Lauren Oliver What a jealous B. Isn't Requiem dual POV of Hana and Lena? If so, I'm not looking forward to that. But I'll say it again, shouting from the rooftops - Team Alex!
Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde Fun motosmut with a hot alpha and MC drama.

Double Cross (Disillusionists Series #2)

Double Cross - Carolyn Crane I have to admit, this book just wasn’t as pleasant for me to read as the first Disillusionist. The first half of the book I was so wound up and frustrated. Justine went from having funny freak-outs and banter, in Mind Games, to an obtuse holy roller personality in Double Cross. Where did the fun action go? I don’t want to read 100+ pages of Justine’s morality questions and, oh man, she questions everything. So much so that it is annoying and ultimately I didn’t even agree with her conclusions.My emotions were annoyed, wanted to slap, throttle, pull hair and scream in her face. I don’t understand her blind faith in Otto and her Packer hater attitude. Justine is so mad at Packard for making her zing Otto’s prisoners but it isn’t Packard’s decision! Otto is making them or he’ll trap Packard again. How can she not see this?!? You can’t tell me that the beret and cape are so attractive that Justine is blinded by the truth and reality. Please, someone remind me why she spent months pining after Otto. Please, I beg. I didn’t get this great connection in Mind Games. It felt more like insta-love based on the same fear of vein star syndrome and hypochondria behaviors. Is this the greatest relationship foundation? I think not.Packard was the only joy I received while reading the first half, if not more. Yes, I even loved it when Packard told Justine off. I think it satisfied me that someone could talk smack to her, she wasn’t listening to me, obviously.At the same time, you’re desperate to be with me, to know what that would be like. But since I’m so morally degraded, you settle for these angry encounters.When the action finally picks up, Justine no longer has time to fight her thoughts, conscience or morals. This is the turning point. I was hooked, furiously page flipping. I was like Yessssss! then all WTF? and then No! Gawd No!! and then I fcking hate you Otto!!!…Off to read Head Rush. Please, bring back witty Justine.

Mind Games (Disillusionists Series #1)

Mind Games (The Disillusionists Trilogy, #1) - Carolyn Crane Honest – I would have never found this book without my TBD girls, so thank you. This might be the first adult UF book I’ve read so I think the bar is set pretty high. I loved the snarky banter, the mature content, and well, Packard.Justine Jones is a grade A hypochondriac. Fashion magazine disease articles. My personal Kryptonite.I can see how this would lead to a lonely life with expensive doctor debt. Lucky for her, she stumbled into Mongolian Delites restaurant for dinner with her boyfriend, Cubby (even though the first several times I read it I kept thinking “what kind of name is Chubby?” whoops), and met a stranger that can change her life in ways she’s only dreamed about.I’ve been waiting so long… And waiting. And waiting.Throughout this book I smiled, laughed and cursed. If you know me, that is a good combination. Thank you Ms. Crayne. I look forward to the next two books.
Mile High (Up In The Air, #2) - R.K. Lilley Let me start by rating this book 2 stars simply means I just liked it. I couldn't put it down but at certain points I proclaimed that I was "bored" and yes, I quote that.James redeemed himself in this one but I'm not sure if he falls into my book boyfriend category. Perhaps I'm just not a sub at heart.Bianca well, she pretty much took a nose dive for me. In the beginning of In Flight she seems confident and strong but throughout Mile High she seemed insecure. Her inability to speak her thoughts/feelings but run straight to Stephan or keep quite were frustrating.Besides having the lead grate on my nerves, I found the editing, at places, really bad like James' horse, Devil, became Demon after they had sex and was never corrected. I also found parts the club that she finally decided to let James meet her at and the charity gala had way too much information such as hair color/styles, specific outfits and lipgloss color, etc. for each person in attendance were too descriptive dragging on the scenes for no reason.
Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi I really enjoyed this book. It surprised me. Not that I was expecting something bad, I just didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. I could picture the world post Unity, the Aether storms, pod life and the Death Shop.I normally get irritated with female leads so I was glad that Rossi made Aria strong. She could have been very whiny and annoying considering her situation but she wasn't. Phew! I also like how it wasn't an instalove situation - another annoying trait that this book could have followed.“Oh, this was champ. She’d found herself a Savage prince. Don’t laugh, she told herself. Don’t laugh, Aria.”Oh, and another bonus is not one, but two, strong and attractive male leads. Double the pleasure, double the fun. Perry. Well, I’m not sure how I’d feel about someone smelling my feelings but I suppose if it were him, I’d let it slide.His green eyes. The bend in his nose and the scars on his cheek. All the tiny inperfections that made him beautiful.Roar was such a good friend and had the open-mindedness to guide the Dweller and the Savage into neutral territory without making a dreaded love triangle."Seers are good at looking, and good-looking, but before you start wondering, no, I'm not a Seer. Just lucky."Maybe it is just me, but I have a feeling it’s not, but I’m glad that Rossi let the characters have a romantic sexual relationship. They are of age and falling in love. I think it is more natural to allow this than to withhold it simply because this is a YA read.There are other things I'd rather do when I'm alone with you." Time to step off the edge. "Then do them.”Man, with that ending, I'm glad book 2 is out.
The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling I did not expect this to be a deep, powerful book. In fact, a friend asked me what was going on as I was reading and I replied something like - asshole, whore, baseball player meets girl who doesn't immediately drop her panties. He must have her but I know, he is going to fck up. Big surprise! He does! And he is such an idiot about it. Jack, even my husband wanted to see the pee stick! You didn't think to even make her do it around you OR go to the doctor before you decided to up and marry the whore bitch? You, my friend, are not smart, not smart at all. I mean, it was just stupid to the point of irritating. Then, I get his grand gesture but not the silence before. Too little, too late? Maybe - for me. But I'm old and not in college so maybe I'm a little harsh.I wanted a predictable fluff read and that is what I got. I didn't love nor hate it. In fact, I had to look up the main guy's name for this review. Will I read book 2? Maybe. Morbid curousity? Probably.
Hopeless - Colleen Hoover Hopeless is a new type of novel that I have come to appreciate. Ones that aren’t full of rainbows and sunshine, the infamous love triangle, and/or predictable HEA ending. Hopeless has real, though dark, subject matter that doesn’t focus on material possessions or cliché high school drama and angst. For all the mentioned above, I sincerely thank you Ms. Hoover.”What time should I come stalk you tomorrow?”Holder, Dean Holder. Need I say more? He was such a strong male character without being the alpha asshole yet undeniably supportive and mature. His dedication to Sky and her feelings were endearing while at the same time witty and swoon-worthy. He can send me self-depreciating texts any day of the week.”You should taste it. It’s quite lovely.”Sky Davis is starting her first year in public school her senior year. I’m glad girls at my high school weren’t as cruel as those in her Texas school though her indifference to other’s opinions and self-confidence were admirable. I also appreciated that even though she was sheltered, “to the point where the Amish looked trendy”, she didn’t come across too naïve and out of touch for someone her age. Though, she did annoy me while she was quick to judge Holder but fortunately, that didn’t last long. Along with Holder and Sky, the secondary characters, Breckin and Six, were developed and brought additional charm and charisma to Hopeless. I thought parts of he story were predictable but that wasn't a deterrent, it was actually a bonus. They were the things I wanted to happen. I’m not saying they were right but they were the least of the wrongs. that Holder was the runner at the beginning, that Holder and Les were in that memory, that Karen knew what was happening and wanted to save Sky, etc. I feel like many authors today know what you want to read so they do the opposite but still predictable option just to make the reader frustrated. This didn’t happen for me in Hopeless and it was refreshing yet still a nail-biting page turner. This book had a similar feel to The Sea of Tranquility for me. No, not that I want to compare them or slate them up in a competition, I enjoyed and will recommend both reads. I just had the same feelings while reading both books. not to mention high school seniors trying to overcome the obstacles life threw in their way, the love of running, super sweet male character, the witty banter between the main characters, etc. Overall, I think the subject matter was darker in Hopeless but it is portrayed in a lighter-hearted manor. If you enjoyed TSOT, I’d definitely recommend Hopeless.
A Very Naughty Xmas - Stephanie Julian, Olivia Cunning, Raven Morris, Cherrie Lynn, Cari Quinn I only read the stories I knew but they were filled with holiday steam. I still love Brian.
Elemental (Elemental, #0.5) - Brigid Kemmerer Oh man, this made me like Michael and Emily. I have a feeling that can't be a good thing.

Truth: Consequences #2

Truth - Aleatha Romig Truth was a definite improvement, for me, over Consequences but there are parts I still did not connect with like Sophia and Derek. If I could edit these two books, they would be much shorter, and with a few changes, I could have been more attached with the characters and been completely enthralled. I didn't get a real connection with Tony and Claire in the first book so I know it held back some thoughts and emotions towards them in the second. Truth was more of a page turner and I just kept wanting to know what would happen next – some parts were more predictable like the dream and Marie than others – but I am much more satisfied with this installment in the series.If you put the time in (and finished) Consequences, I would recommend Truth. I am not going to say much because I enjoyed the unknown and don’t want to spoil it for other interested readers. I will admit I was a bit disappointed with the ending and would have been seriously mad if the “Afterward” section had not been included, but then again, I hate cliffhangers. I am hoping that Conviction goes back and explains in some detail the last of Truth. Did I just say that? Yes, I felt some details were left out that I would have appreciated - like what happened with Marcus Evergreen how the plan was executed to get to the "Afterward". Maybe I’m not the norm and appreciate other details than most but I’ve still got questions that I hope get answered.I’m not happy that the release for the next book is scheduled for 2014. If it were out now, I’d be reading it and I probably will but I can’t say for certain how invested I'll be though.
Consequences  - Aleatha Romig I really don’t know what to say about this book. Honestly, the beginning got me interested then it was like one big jumbled, run-on sentence, with descriptions galore about everything but the details I wanted to read about. I wanted more intimate details about Anthony (Yes, at one point I called him Andrew to a friend. Then he changed his name to Tony and I thought of The Sopranos and got even further from his character.) and Claire. I don’t need three pages to describe the location and room for their two sentence conversation. I feel like I could go on and on about things that didn’t satisfy my hunger during Consequences but I’m not. I’ll just say that the napkin was ridiculous the wedding even more so. I feel like I could have skipped the middle chapters and not lost any pertinent information. Had I read this book a year ago or not read the C.J. Roberts books, this might have had more of an impact but literally, I knew Tony was an asshole and Claire was dumb so I kept waiting for their relationship to go south but I wasn’t even happy for either of them when they were pretending to be nice. I mean at least he started to care that she enjoyed sex, right?The end was a nice change of pace but all the hype about the ending - made it not as big of a hype for me. I felt like I read all of that for nothing and then the last 4 chapters happened. Tony’s a conniving, mega asshole and now I have to read another book about two characters I didn’t even like. I wish the ending would have been earlier in the book and some movement, suspense, something worthwhile would have peaked my interest and/or made me connect with Tony or Claire. I’ll read book 2. I’ve heard it is better than the first book. Mainly I want some answers that I didn’t get the first time around. Annoying, I know.I'm actually feeling this book was about a 2.5 but with the creative ending, I rounded up to 3.


Wallbanger - Alice Clayton To start, with the title Wallbanger, I expected more actual wallbanging or banging in general. However, I did enjoy the witty/sexual banter and jokes throughout the book. I liked the chemistry between Caroline and Simon. I loved how before they were introduced, they both already had nicknames for each other, Wallbanger and his neighbor Pink Nightie Girl. Overall, I enjoyed this book but I didn’t go in expecting a life changing novel. I knew it would be light, fluffy and fun. I enjoyed Simon and his sexiness he definitely had some Jason Bradford qualities, ladies. And I never got a sh*tty vibe from him when he refused Caroline in Tahoe, like she did. however, I’m not sure I could look at him in the face and not laugh after hearing so much between his sheets. Caroline however was a better person, pulled back her judgment, and found a good person underneath her preconceived ideas. BUT I got tired of reading all her inner thoughts about her and her missing O and by the end, I didn’t give a crap if she ever found it or not. Especially with her coward move in Spain. I wanted to throttle her selfish-self when she faked asleep and how she treated him the morning after, like her missing O was his fault. Maybe she just thought too much stupid sh*t and her O decided to leave until she shut the eff up?.For me, this was a good fluff filter and I’d recommend it for someone who just wants something to giggle and pass the time even though I would have much preferred Simon and Caroline to get together much earlier in the book and then got to read more of them between the sheets and how their relationship would unfold with his travels, inexperience and her insane cat.