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Mile High (Up In The Air, #2) - R.K. Lilley Let me start by rating this book 2 stars simply means I just liked it. I couldn't put it down but at certain points I proclaimed that I was "bored" and yes, I quote that.James redeemed himself in this one but I'm not sure if he falls into my book boyfriend category. Perhaps I'm just not a sub at heart.Bianca well, she pretty much took a nose dive for me. In the beginning of In Flight she seems confident and strong but throughout Mile High she seemed insecure. Her inability to speak her thoughts/feelings but run straight to Stephan or keep quite were frustrating.Besides having the lead grate on my nerves, I found the editing, at places, really bad like James' horse, Devil, became Demon after they had sex and was never corrected. I also found parts the club that she finally decided to let James meet her at and the charity gala had way too much information such as hair color/styles, specific outfits and lipgloss color, etc. for each person in attendance were too descriptive dragging on the scenes for no reason.