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Double Cross (Disillusionists Series #2)

Double Cross - Carolyn Crane I have to admit, this book just wasn’t as pleasant for me to read as the first Disillusionist. The first half of the book I was so wound up and frustrated. Justine went from having funny freak-outs and banter, in Mind Games, to an obtuse holy roller personality in Double Cross. Where did the fun action go? I don’t want to read 100+ pages of Justine’s morality questions and, oh man, she questions everything. So much so that it is annoying and ultimately I didn’t even agree with her conclusions.My emotions were annoyed, wanted to slap, throttle, pull hair and scream in her face. I don’t understand her blind faith in Otto and her Packer hater attitude. Justine is so mad at Packard for making her zing Otto’s prisoners but it isn’t Packard’s decision! Otto is making them or he’ll trap Packard again. How can she not see this?!? You can’t tell me that the beret and cape are so attractive that Justine is blinded by the truth and reality. Please, someone remind me why she spent months pining after Otto. Please, I beg. I didn’t get this great connection in Mind Games. It felt more like insta-love based on the same fear of vein star syndrome and hypochondria behaviors. Is this the greatest relationship foundation? I think not.Packard was the only joy I received while reading the first half, if not more. Yes, I even loved it when Packard told Justine off. I think it satisfied me that someone could talk smack to her, she wasn’t listening to me, obviously.At the same time, you’re desperate to be with me, to know what that would be like. But since I’m so morally degraded, you settle for these angry encounters.When the action finally picks up, Justine no longer has time to fight her thoughts, conscience or morals. This is the turning point. I was hooked, furiously page flipping. I was like Yessssss! then all WTF? and then No! Gawd No!! and then I fcking hate you Otto!!!…Off to read Head Rush. Please, bring back witty Justine.