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Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn Ooops, I did it again…I couldn’t wait until Wait for You was released. I was so happy it released early. I was all fangirl and then two things happened: 1) I got my hopes up and expected too much and 2) I expected more steam since this book was published under the pen name J.Lynn. Now, the first is a mistake I, unfortunately, make often but the second was just dumb considering I’ve never read a J.Lynn book but really enjoy the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. With that being said, she has turned me all fancougar for Deamon and writes good angst, steam and swooning. Therefore, I expected it to be much more in Wait for You.Um, it wasn’t there. Yes, you read that correct. So, overall I thought the story was okay but I had been overall disappointed. I can’t really say much about the book because nothing was really notable or stood out to me. Cam was swoon worthy, of course, but I almost felt that he was too perfect, too patient, and too flawless when it came to Avery. Now, Avery, she’s another story. She got on my nerves. After Thanksgiving I wanted to punch her in the face and then parts of her character just fell flat for me. I didn’t understand why Cam was even attracted to her. I also found it irritating how she was in obvious need of help in the form of counseling, was upset her parents didn’t get it for her, but then when the opportunity came for her to help herself, she didn’t do it. She did nothing but have a big ol’ pity party about her past. When I read the ending, I was finally proud of her but it just took too long. Just like the sex. By the time they finally did the deed, I was like “it’s about freaking time!” and almost uninterested.. Oh, but Raphael, he was one of my favorite characters. I liked him way more than Avery. Yes, I’m aware that it was Cam’s pet turtle but still every scene with him involved had me smiling and wishing he’d make another appearance.I think I would have enjoyed this book had I been going into it as a YA read published by Jenny, not J.Lynn. There will be another book by the lame setup at the end. Will I read it? Probably. I still like Ms. Armentrout but I will know what not to expect next time around.