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The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling I did not expect this to be a deep, powerful book. In fact, a friend asked me what was going on as I was reading and I replied something like - asshole, whore, baseball player meets girl who doesn't immediately drop her panties. He must have her but I know, he is going to fck up. Big surprise! He does! And he is such an idiot about it. Jack, even my husband wanted to see the pee stick! You didn't think to even make her do it around you OR go to the doctor before you decided to up and marry the whore bitch? You, my friend, are not smart, not smart at all. I mean, it was just stupid to the point of irritating. Then, I get his grand gesture but not the silence before. Too little, too late? Maybe - for me. But I'm old and not in college so maybe I'm a little harsh.I wanted a predictable fluff read and that is what I got. I didn't love nor hate it. In fact, I had to look up the main guy's name for this review. Will I read book 2? Maybe. Morbid curousity? Probably.