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Consequences  - Aleatha Romig I really don’t know what to say about this book. Honestly, the beginning got me interested then it was like one big jumbled, run-on sentence, with descriptions galore about everything but the details I wanted to read about. I wanted more intimate details about Anthony (Yes, at one point I called him Andrew to a friend. Then he changed his name to Tony and I thought of The Sopranos and got even further from his character.) and Claire. I don’t need three pages to describe the location and room for their two sentence conversation. I feel like I could go on and on about things that didn’t satisfy my hunger during Consequences but I’m not. I’ll just say that the napkin was ridiculous the wedding even more so. I feel like I could have skipped the middle chapters and not lost any pertinent information. Had I read this book a year ago or not read the C.J. Roberts books, this might have had more of an impact but literally, I knew Tony was an asshole and Claire was dumb so I kept waiting for their relationship to go south but I wasn’t even happy for either of them when they were pretending to be nice. I mean at least he started to care that she enjoyed sex, right?The end was a nice change of pace but all the hype about the ending - made it not as big of a hype for me. I felt like I read all of that for nothing and then the last 4 chapters happened. Tony’s a conniving, mega asshole and now I have to read another book about two characters I didn’t even like. I wish the ending would have been earlier in the book and some movement, suspense, something worthwhile would have peaked my interest and/or made me connect with Tony or Claire. I’ll read book 2. I’ve heard it is better than the first book. Mainly I want some answers that I didn’t get the first time around. Annoying, I know.I'm actually feeling this book was about a 2.5 but with the creative ending, I rounded up to 3.