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Hopeless - Colleen Hoover Hopeless is a new type of novel that I have come to appreciate. Ones that aren’t full of rainbows and sunshine, the infamous love triangle, and/or predictable HEA ending. Hopeless has real, though dark, subject matter that doesn’t focus on material possessions or cliché high school drama and angst. For all the mentioned above, I sincerely thank you Ms. Hoover.”What time should I come stalk you tomorrow?”Holder, Dean Holder. Need I say more? He was such a strong male character without being the alpha asshole yet undeniably supportive and mature. His dedication to Sky and her feelings were endearing while at the same time witty and swoon-worthy. He can send me self-depreciating texts any day of the week.”You should taste it. It’s quite lovely.”Sky Davis is starting her first year in public school her senior year. I’m glad girls at my high school weren’t as cruel as those in her Texas school though her indifference to other’s opinions and self-confidence were admirable. I also appreciated that even though she was sheltered, “to the point where the Amish looked trendy”, she didn’t come across too naïve and out of touch for someone her age. Though, she did annoy me while she was quick to judge Holder but fortunately, that didn’t last long. Along with Holder and Sky, the secondary characters, Breckin and Six, were developed and brought additional charm and charisma to Hopeless. I thought parts of he story were predictable but that wasn't a deterrent, it was actually a bonus. They were the things I wanted to happen. I’m not saying they were right but they were the least of the wrongs. that Holder was the runner at the beginning, that Holder and Les were in that memory, that Karen knew what was happening and wanted to save Sky, etc. I feel like many authors today know what you want to read so they do the opposite but still predictable option just to make the reader frustrated. This didn’t happen for me in Hopeless and it was refreshing yet still a nail-biting page turner. This book had a similar feel to The Sea of Tranquility for me. No, not that I want to compare them or slate them up in a competition, I enjoyed and will recommend both reads. I just had the same feelings while reading both books. not to mention high school seniors trying to overcome the obstacles life threw in their way, the love of running, super sweet male character, the witty banter between the main characters, etc. Overall, I think the subject matter was darker in Hopeless but it is portrayed in a lighter-hearted manor. If you enjoyed TSOT, I’d definitely recommend Hopeless.