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True Love Story - Willow Aster I'm almost scared to type a review for this book right now. It is like I put haterade in my coffee this morning.Am I think only one who knew exactly WTF was going to happen after the first chapter with the "Where's Laila?" question? I'm so tired of all these New Adult books using a love triangle/cheating for the conflicts. What is original about that? Pray tell.Okay, so everyone was so gorgeous and perfect in this book. I almost felt inadequate at 5'3'' and normal just reading it on my couch.I liked Tessa. Thank goodness she had Jared early on in NYC, since Sparrow arrived D.O.A (Dud on arrival).Are elephant socks a real thing or just socks with elephants on them?Ian, you're a bastard with a thesaurus brain for complimenting female appearances.Sparrow, sweet Jesus, I do not think that you could actually write a good book. Get a grip on reality.I think I could rant-on but I'm going to stop. If you read the book, you'll know why. Well, maybe not. I seem to be the minority.Oh, but I did really like the nickname Little Bird. So, one star for the endearing term. Though, I think you might have ripped off Ed Sheeran.