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Requiem - I'm not sure what to say. Was this the final installment in the Delirium saga? What exactly the point of Requiem and the duel POVs? What was resolved? Overall, disappointed. After sleeping on it, the above statement still stands though I dropped a star. Why? Well, I had to muddle through the whole book and do not feel like it was even related to the other two installments. Honestly, I'm not sure the point of the book. I have more questions than answers and they aren't even nitpicking questions. I want to know WTF happened to Alex. He was swoonable in Delirium and then absent in Pandemonium. Therefore, I couldn't wait to get all fangirl during Requiem. But no, he was barely in the book and when he was, he wasn't even swoon worthy. In fact, I thought Lena and Alex were very immature about their relationship. Where was the love? Ummm, like two sentences two pages from the end. Epic Fail.Lena. Well, if you expect the Lena who matured and grew into a confident girl in the Wilds, she barely made an appearance here. She is immature and I wanted to throttle and slap her more than once. OMG, you stupid girl, Alex is hurt and says something to hurt you and you immediately run into the arms of Julian and then string him along to comfort you because Alex isn't there. Or to make him jealous. Not cool. Opposite of cool. Pretty much pathetic. Poor Julian.Julian. Open your eyes. Grow a pair.Hana, please STFU. I'm not sure why I even cared about your wedding and life. Oh wait, I didn't. was the meeting with Lena supposed to be the climax? I'm not sure but it was dumb. Thanks for not blowing her up, Lena, I think. Hopefully you took out Fred though. I really don't want to read anymore of him. Ever.So, well, that's about it for me. I wish I could praise Requiem. I really do. I wanted too but overall anti-climactic and disappointing.