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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton To start, with the title Wallbanger, I expected more actual wallbanging or banging in general. However, I did enjoy the witty/sexual banter and jokes throughout the book. I liked the chemistry between Caroline and Simon. I loved how before they were introduced, they both already had nicknames for each other, Wallbanger and his neighbor Pink Nightie Girl. Overall, I enjoyed this book but I didn’t go in expecting a life changing novel. I knew it would be light, fluffy and fun. I enjoyed Simon and his sexiness he definitely had some Jason Bradford qualities, ladies. And I never got a sh*tty vibe from him when he refused Caroline in Tahoe, like she did. however, I’m not sure I could look at him in the face and not laugh after hearing so much between his sheets. Caroline however was a better person, pulled back her judgment, and found a good person underneath her preconceived ideas. BUT I got tired of reading all her inner thoughts about her and her missing O and by the end, I didn’t give a crap if she ever found it or not. Especially with her coward move in Spain. I wanted to throttle her selfish-self when she faked asleep and how she treated him the morning after, like her missing O was his fault. Maybe she just thought too much stupid sh*t and her O decided to leave until she shut the eff up?.For me, this was a good fluff filter and I’d recommend it for someone who just wants something to giggle and pass the time even though I would have much preferred Simon and Caroline to get together much earlier in the book and then got to read more of them between the sheets and how their relationship would unfold with his travels, inexperience and her insane cat.