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Into the Darkest Corner - Elizabeth Haynes “Are you a good man or a bad man?”“That depends on whether you’re a good woman or a bad woman.” I considered this response and decided it was a clever one.Man, this was a page turner with dark content, a volatile relationship and domestic violence between the instantly attracted, want to jump you, make you mine couple, Cathy and Lee. The story is told from Cathy’s POV but switches from the past to the present. The “past” Cathy made me think that females across the pond are more liberal and she was a little whorish, truth be told. As for Lee, well, I actually liked reading his early chapters even though I knew he was going to be a manipulative, possibly bipolar character with more than a few screws loose. I liked the past/present style but felt the first half of the book switched too frequently without enough plot within the chapters then Cathy’s OCD tendencies made me want to stop the book and punch someone in the face. I understand character development but if I read about “checks or checking” one more time I will need to put myself into therapy to correct my punch happy attitude towards those who suffer from OCD. Overall I was entertained but before I was halfway through the book, I guessed what was going to happen. In turn, the plot didn’t shock me and make me think “Oh no. She did NOT do that!” I was more like “I f*cking knew it!!” The story wrapped up nicely but not in a perfect way. It just didn’t raise my pulse and give me an excited thrill like I expected for this genre of book. Maybe because I read it during daylight, knowing I wouldn’t be sleeping alone? Or perhaps because the blurb on the book gave too much away for my curious mind? I feel somewhere in between I liked it and man I’m a genius. Not a bad feeling to have, I won’t lie.