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The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1) - J.A. Redmerski To be honest, I wanted to love this book. I wanted it to rock my world. I love a good romance with some sexy scenes sprinkled throughout. However, this book just fell a little flat for me. (It might not be its fault though – I just finished an incredible book, one that I can’t stop thinking about, one that I’ll re-read in the future.) I wanted to really like Andrew and Camryn but I couldn’t relate to them. They were both so closed off that I couldn’t get a connection. I don’t even know the connection between the book and the title.For me, TEON might have had too much dumb drama with Andrew fighting and yelling telling Cam to speak her mind. Some of the drama was stretched out a bit long while other parts, ones I was more interested in, were blown past. I am mainly confused about his refusal to have sex with Camryn. He is obviously a sexually active person, so why not her?? need to own her. What does that even mean? Overall, I got the impression that something was about to happen and I couldn’t stop flipping pages but it just never happened. There were on the road and confused and then BAM! There is a turning point but honestly, I wasn’t shocked. I was happy things were progressing but there were too many “deep” thoughts without enough to back them up or quench my thirst. like his deep tattoo that really wasn’t, the sex thing, why Cam was so broken, why the place in New Orleans was so special to Andrew and the song that everyone knew, the ending!, etc. When I had about 20 pages left and knew that there weren’t enough pages remaining to answer all the unanswered questions to make me a satisfied reader. I don’t just want a five second HEA or an abrupt ending, I want one that wraps around my emotions making me feel satisfied and complete.Overall, I enjoyed the book and would read another by the author but I’m just not going on fangirl on TEON.