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The Sea of Tranquility

The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay I didn’t know what to expect when I started this book. I love when I don’t know what I’m getting into and stumble upon greatness. “Sunshine.”I have always loved that word. I find it endearing and yet can evolve to have so many meanings and hidden smiles behind that one word. This one word made me want Josh as my book boyfriend but his strength and character throughout the book made me want him as my book husband.Chair.Pennies.Force Fields.Boots.Josh Bennett.Be still, my heart.Nasteya (NAH-stee-ya) was lucky. Okay, not all her life but lucky in her new life with Josh and Drew. At the beginning, I loved Nasteya’s snarky humor. Her dry wit and sarcasm instantly pulled me into her story but her mysterious behavior and past kept the pages turning. “Fallacy. Everyone loves a smartass. Especially you.” – DrewFor me, this is true. So, I loved smartass Drew the banter between him and Nastypants and his loyalty to Josh. He was a great secondary character that uplifted The Sea of Tranquility. The honest humor was written perfectly to lighten the heavy load delivered by Millay.I appreciate how the development between Sunshine and Josh didn’t happen overnight. This wasn’t an insta-love situation. In fact, I don’t think either of them actually wanted to let the other person in, it just happened while living life the only way they knew how. Miraculously, they naturally got each other. I respect how they didn’t try to create drama, angst, or jealousy. However, I kept waiting for the bottom to fall out. The undercurrent of their damaged lives was just so heavy, too heavy for people so young.Katja Millay portrayed a perfectly heartbreaking, realistic, emotional, hopeful story of two teenagers with tragic lives. One I will not forget soon. One I will re-read again someday. For now, I can’t get the characters out of my head. I keep replaying their stories over and over hoping I didn’t miss anything.