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A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness



I'm torn about this book. I can't say I enjoyed reading it, but I did. I know that makes zero sense but that's all I've got.  Did I even like it? Will I remember it? Was it tragically beautiful?


Yes, yes, and yes.


But I still just feel meh.



Honestly, I wrote a review yesterday and BL ate it so I’m just attempting a second time but I had a hard time the first round so this should be fun.


I feel for Conor. I feel for Conor’s mom. I knew there would be ugly tears. I was warned. Now I warned you. You’re welcome. I’m glad I read this story. It is fairly short so the heavy material didn’t bother me but I just couldn’t enjoy myself. I read it in one evening and after a slow start, I couldn’t put it down. Then I cried. Then I whipped off the mascara running down my cheeks, got ready for bed, and went to sleep. See!! I don’t know why I’m not feeling this book like everyone else. Sorry?


I think that if I were younger, perhaps, or definitely not been a mother, this book would have made me feel differently. I kept focusing on the wrong things, I think. Like the shitty father and his bitchface wife.  I can’t even refer to her as Conor's stepmom because since Conor’s dad chose to leave his wife, and Conor's mother, 6 years earlier (would put Conor between 6 & 7 years old) the bitchface hasn't met Conor and makes excuses/lies for the dad not to have the time to contact and/or see his son. Aaaand he listens to the snatch (over and over again)! Oh, and he never redeems himself. Ever. He even pointed out that if there were a time when he couldn’t live with his mother, it would be best for all if he lived with his grandmother. I cannot get over his behavior and this is not the main point to the story what-so-ever.


I will read something else from Patrick Ness, this just didn't swoon me. However, he has beautifully written about a sad, gray topic and I would recommend this book for my friends if they want something with grit. Everyone needs a good cry now and again.