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audiobook: Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, #1) - Laini Taylor, Khristine Hvam


Can a book be wonderful to read but the audiobook version skew the book’s greatness?



Yes, yes it can, but no worries for DoS&B audio. It was transcendent.



DoS&B was my first read in 2013 and I loved it. Though, I wasn’t quite ready to read the Days of Blood & Starlight. (Why? Well, I did one of those dumb things and read a review that had some somewhat spoilery information made me want to pause before book 2.) So, 10 months later I decide that I want to read DoB&S but realize that my mind remembers the very basics of the first book. Therefore, I decided to listen to the audiobook to refresh my mind of the awesomeness of Laini Taylor.


Audiobooks can be scary things filled with annoying voices, old ladies representing high school girls, and God awful impressions. I’m always nervous starting a new audio but was happily surprised with DoS&B’s  feel and quality. I love the music and accents. They didn’t distract but brought the world of Karou and Akiva back so vividly that I’m immediately jumping to Days of Blood & Starlight.


(I’m rating this on the quality and overall impression of the audio version of the book, not on the content within the pages. I already loved those.)


graphic novel


graphic novel


graphic novel


Images from a short graphic novel with scenes from DoS&B. Artist is none other than Laini Taylor's talented husband.