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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn It is hard to summarize this book. I enjoyed reading dark, twisted material. At times, I liked Amy when I shouldn't have and had been smiling when I probably should have been making the universal, air-circle sign for lock her up in the loony bin. Gone Girl is karma in a powerful, evil form - man made and vindictive. Before I started reading, I heard it was twisted and shocking. For this I think my brain went into overdrive. I wanted to see twists before the turn. I wanted to be all "A-ha! I called that" and in turn, almost ruining the twists as they came. I couldn't help it though. Therefore, when it finally came out that Nick was having an affair and was with his mistress the morning Amy went missing and that Amy set him up for disappearance... I wasn't shocked but was still enjoying the ride. Amy, well, I started out pretty neutral for her character. I was rooting for her, at one point. Why? Because she was intelligent and I enjoyed reading her clues the second time around with the double entendres letting Nick know that she new about his young mistress. but I didn't truly admire any of her characteristics I liked the idea of revenge before she went off the deep end. Well, until I realized how crazy she actually was...but Diary Amy was easy to like. Off-Her-Rocker Reality Amy was not. but she held my interest. I didn't admire her but I didn't loathe her, like Nick. I never liked Nick. His character just seemed off to me. I went from disliking him to not liking him. A small step up but not leaps and bounds. DO NOT read below this if you have not finished this book. You don't want too. Trust me. So, I read this roller coaster as not shocked but involved, quite involved. I was a happy passenger on the crazy train. I wanted to know the stops and final destination. The Ending. (Again, do not read of you haven't finished this book.)At first I was confused. Still am. A little. But I think I've sorted it out and am satisfied. I do not feel gipped by Ms. Flynn. I didn't go into this book expecting a HEA. I didn't expect it to wrap up perfectly in a pretty, pink bow. But at first I didn't know what think or how on earth to rate this book. I was more like WTF? It just ended!!!. I just read all that craziness and it came down to that??!!? It wouldn't leave my mind. I couldn't stop thinking that I missed something. As I thought about it, I went back and re-read the third installment, Boy Gets Girl Back (or vice versa). I then put more thought upon to Nick's thoughts after Amy revealed her final pregnancy plan."Don't you see, Go? This is my gaurantee not to turn into Dad. I'll have to be the best husband and father in the world.""I'm rising to my wife's level of madness. Because I can feel her changing me again: I was a callow boy, and then a man, good and bad. Now at last I'm the hero. I am the one to root for in the never-ending mwar stroy of our marriage. It's a story I can live with. Hell, at this point, I can't imagine my story without Amy"Nick was happy being the white knight. It was fake. He knew it but liked the White Knight Nick. Amy knew it started by manipulation but did she realize that Nick would never love her like Old Nick did in the first two years? Did she really know what he was thinking? Nick wanted her to think she did. He wanted her to think she was three steps ahead but he was her match, she wasn't ahead anymore. Their relationship was a mind game from the start. In the end, Nick enjoyed being the good person in their marriage. He was once just a man dreaming of a son and a cheating, bastard of a husband. Now he would be seen as the best husband and the best dad. It was his dream and he'll get to live it. Unfortunately, Amy won't be living any dream. She will always be the antagonist in their marriage. He will always be the good to her evil. He'll get to wake up everyday as the hero, she will always wake up the villain. Every single day. I don't think Amy committed suicide, and therefore killing their baby, or killed Nick by her last words. I think she just realized that Nick is her match. It would always be a game. Their life would always be a game. A game she questioned that she could win. It brought fear to her. She just needed the last word. Nick had trumped her. Girl gets boy back. Boy gets girl baaack.Revenge.Finally.