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Sanctum - Sarah Fine I had expectations going into this book. It came with great recommendations by those (few) I trust. And guess what? It didn’t disappoint!! I loved it. I’m now a fan of Ms. Fine and have already stalked her website looking for information for book two.I am impressed that this book could be about several dark topics (i.e. death, rape, and the Holocaust) but still have a hopeful feel. I appreciated the world building and character development in both Lela and Malachi. It’s dangerous to fall in love in hell.Hell, it’s dangerous to fall in love on Earth. I enjoy a book where a boy and girl meet, get to know one another, have some real conversations, and then decide whether or not they would like to pursue a love and physical relationship. Not much can get better than the swoon worthy, loyal, a little alpha male Malachi and the tough and witty Lela. I enjoyed Raphael and Ana’s characters as well. I enjoyed Ana’s character as a sister to Malachi and an ally to Lela. I love how the characters were not involved in a love triangle. There were so many obstacles that it was unnecessary, which I always think they are in YA books anyway, and appreciate the author not going there. Now, I’m concerned for the second book but I’m praying that Malachi and Lela can continue to grow closer and not let another person come in between them emotionally or romantically.I enjoyed getting to hear about the dark city both Lela’s fresh eyes and Malachi’s well-worn ones. Ms. Fine took my impression of Purgatory and spiced it up. The creative part of my brain enjoyed the journey. I cannot wait until the second book is released and sincerely hope it is on time, if not early. I will definitely be stalking this website to get some more Malachi:http://guardsoftheshadowlands.tumblr.com/