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Binds - Rebecca  Espinoza Can I just start by being honest? This author is awesome. I know her! Would I give her book a higher rating or recommend it to my friends because of her awesomeness? No. You know why? Because there are just too many good books out there and not enough time to read them all. That being said – I really enjoyed Binds.I appreciate how Ophelia is a strong heroine. She learns a lot of shit that would break a person but she took it in stride. She could either fold under the pressure or woman the eff up. What do you think she did? You got it – she owned her situation.Oh, and really TWO swoonable Heroes, be still my heart. Spencer, the closed off seemingly asshole-ish H, and Reece, the sweet I want to cuddle H, were so different. Not in the good-versus-evil way that having two strong Hs could have played out but in the “who the hell am I supposed to like because they both can rock my world type of way”. Okay, I may be the odd man out but I was pretty much Team Spencer from the start. So, Rebecca, I want some more steamy Spencer smooches. Cool? Binds was a good entry to the Binds series. It wasn’t an information dump or overload. It was paced and has now tee’d up Bonds in such a way that it isn’t a cliffhanger (which we all know I loathe) but has me reeling for more - more Reece, more Spencer and more Ophelia.Is it October yet?