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Rules of Entanglement  - Gina L. Maxwell Dear RoE,It’s not you, it’s me. I swear you will make thousands of women happy. I’m just the one with heroine hater and easily annoyed syndrome for over-the-top cheesiness. The entire premise of having to spend time together, knowing she would flip out and over-react, and the best man speech were just too much. Oh, and the rules, stupid rules...from CIS. To live by! face-palm.I’ll just start by saying that I was confused from the start. I didn’t get the vibe that Vanessa was a ball busting, man-eater, live by the rules kind of person in Seducing Cinderella. She was the fun friend! Where did she go? I think she was supposed to be snarky, witty and funny but, to me, she was dull and bitchy. This book did have some steam and a strong H but overall it just didn’t work for me.