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Breathe Into Me - Amanda  Stone Okay, not much to say. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. I’ll probably forget the names and details within a week so, here I'll tell you about it while I can remember.Tattooed, reformed bad boy, man-whore, Kane, is hot and irresistible. Obvs.Kelsey, the hot but doesn’t know it, clumsy, broken girl is the instant love connection with Kane.Yes, mega instalove. Yes, one has grey eyes and one has golden. (At least the h admitted that people had never seen the color of her eyes before. Well, that makes two of us.)Yes, he drives a motorcycle and it is her first time on a bike.Yes, she is a virgin. (I know, insert eye roll) Yes, there is over-the-top, yet predictable, drama. It just happens to be all crammed in the last 30 pages. Sigh. I found Breathe Into Me to be predictable, typical, and just like so many of the other NA/CR books that I’ve read or that are on my TBR shelf.