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She's the One - Erin Nicholas Another I’m the Minority book. Starring:Ryan: super hot, gets laid a lot, zen-like paramedicAmanda: hot, fun martyr, secret crush on RyanEmma: Amanda’s promiscuous, must be the center of attention sisterOther people: Ryan’s friends and Amanda’s familyWe start the book out in a bar after a football game. Emma, Amanda’s youngest is kissing all the guys for winning. Enter Ryan, Amanda jumps on him and swings her legs around his waist for a deep, french kiss (her words, not mine). Ryan squeezes her ass and lets her down. Amanda goes to the table and brags how their one night stand, a year ago, has ruined her for all other men. Ooookay, I’m loving this bachelor already and want to fork Emma in the eye. A nice guy asks Amanda to dance and then on a date. Being the fun martyr, older, boring but responsible, I can’t have a relationship because I must take care of all my adult sisters she declines by telling him that she had a one night stand with Ryan and it broke her heart. Said guy punches Ryan for breaking Amanda’s heart. Ryan is curious and decides he wants the night that never happened. They agree but Amanda gets to pick the plans.See this is where I started to cock and eyebrow. I already was skeptical because of Emma but don’t worry. Emma and Ryan didn’t have sex thought he does admit that she has a bangin’ bod and is super hot. They just got naked, messed around and skinny dipped. Now they just kiss and make-out to make the overprotective, older brother annoyed and mad. So, feel free to swoon again. Me? I’m not so sure. It’s family. You know? but was happy to have her out of the scene but Amanda’s plans were just over the top and not under the agreement what-so-ever. She wanted to go dancing because she never gets to dance or have fun because she is too busy being boring and wants to be a responsible role model, but tonight she decides to go dancing in a short dress without panties. But she doesn’t even dance with Ryan. She is sandwiched between another couple and the girl is groping her chest and the guy is all over her. Ryan finally steps in and Amanda is so turned on she leads him to a couch where she straddles him but before they could really get it on the girl from the dance floor starts at it again while kissing Amanda. So, Amanda jumps off his lap and offers Ryan and his goods to said stranger. He was in no way giving off this vibe and didn't even want to go to the club in the first place. Ryan and I are all WTF is happening? I thought we were going to meet and have a night filled with crazy sex, not swinging in a club.So, stuff happens that I won’t tell you, just in case you want to read for yourself, but then I’ll just say that once they did have sex (come on you know that isn’t a spoiler and they were going to get it on) the characters turned from working professionals to seventh graders. The dialogue turned to cheese and Amanda planned their sexual experience, herself in love, Ryan ending the relationship, and leaving her with a broken heart. Wow right? So, she doesn't have time to be broken hearted (bc she has to take care of her sisters) she decides to friend-zone him. She wants a friendly relationship but the chemistry is just too hard to ignore. Amanda suggests doing something non-sexual in public, this conversation happens:‎"And I was going to suggest the strip club. Darn.” She smiled. "Right. And we can't go for ice cream." "Why is that?""I always get whipped cream on my sundaes, and there is no way you could survive watching me lick whipped cream off a spoon."His gaze heated slightly as he clearly imagined her doing just that. "We could go to a movie.""In the dark, sitting so close together for almost two hours? It would be too tempting to hold hands. Or hold something else," she teased. ‎"Or something?" he repeated. "I've never gotten a hand job in a movie theater." She felt her whole body flush with heat hearing him say "hand job". She wanted to do that to him. Right now, in fact.She put her hands to her face. “I’m thinking the zoo.”You want to go to the zoo together?” “It’s pretty nonsexual,” she said. Then thought about it. “Isn’t it?”“Sure, as long as no one mentions breeding or mating.” Right. With her luck the zebras would be going at it front and center.Does that sound like educated young adults? No, not to me. I should have stopped there but I was about 70% in and pushed through. Stuff happens but it just didn’t work for me. I liked the synopsis and idea but the dialogue turned too immature and predictable. I couldn’t relate or sympathize with Amanda and while Ryan was sexually educated, it didn't carry along the story for me. (and I never read a book with my name so you’d think it would be a shoo-in, right? Me too.) Everyone loves this book. What's wrong with me?