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The Heart Has Reasons - Martine Marchand Here is the rundown: The first part of the book pulled me in. Approximately 150 pages in I guessed what was going to happen, but I didn’t know how it would play out so that wasn’t really an issue. Then from the “big event” it went downhill for about 100 pages. 100 pages! It was the same thing over and over. Honestly, it could have been summed up in a couple of paragraphs and I wouldn’t have missed a thing. Not counting the “thugs” but don’t get me started there because that is another plot line that just didn’t work for me. About 83% in it started to pick back up again and I finally got some steam. Thank goodness. I am such a fickle woman. I loathe a weak, crying, whiney, insecure h but you know, I don’t really like those that have it all either. Laurissa bordered on the "I can do everything hear me roar" line but she didn’t annoy me and it is nice to read a strong h for a change. Except for those 100 annoying pages. I wanted to tell her to lawyer the fuck up and stop playing into Jarvis’ games.I know I’m supposed to hate Chase. I mean, he’s a kidnapper and all but I already know that my moral compass is hosed when it comes to books so I’m okay with liking him. Though, I can’t imagine how doing yoga while wearing a ski mask is attractive and I kept wondering how his face wasn't itchy. Lucky for him, he finally pulled his head out. But man, he’s lucky Laurissa didn’t shoot him.So, to the point, I did enjoy this book but it was just too long. There was absolutely no need to this to be a 400+ page book. Had some editing been done to cut down those rinse-and-repeat pages, I’d have easily given this 4 stars, but since I was almost bored for ¼ of the book, THHR only gets 3. I’m glad I read it but would be hesitant to recommend it to anyone, especially those who don’t like books of that length.